Ways to File an Appeal under GST

Appeal Under GST

Previously, we spoke about the various Anti-Profiteering rules under GST Law. Today we will be talking about the ways of filing an appeal under GST regime. Laws, in general, impose two kinds of obligations. The first obligation is related to tax and the second obligation is related to the procedure. Any registered taxpayer’s compliance with […]

Anti-Profiteering Rules under GST Law

Anti-Profiteering Rules under GST

The Anti-Profiteering rules under GST law have been released by the Government of India. For the purpose of the same, a notification has been issued for setting up of a National Anti-profiteering Authority. This Authority shall be empowered to levy a penalty if businesses do not pass on the benefit of price reduction to consumers […]

Audit under GST Law – What Taxpayers Need to Know

Audit under GST

Section 65 of the GST empowers the GST authorities to conduct an audit of the tax payers. The audit under GST shall be conducted at such frequency and in such manner as provided under GST law. The audit shall be conducted at the place of business of the registered person or in their office. Prior […]

Return Filing Compliances Under GST Law

Compliances Under GST Law

Timely action and fulfillment of the various compliances under GST law is one of the most critical activity for businesses. A thorough knowledge of the several aspects of the return filing compliances under GST law is needed. Before we get down to talk about the specific return forms that need to be filed and the […]

The most frequent problems that business owners face are to do with accounting & regulatory compliance. Entrepreneurs view time invested in doing both as unproductive time.

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