Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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Privacy of Customer Data

IntegraBooks is a product of Southern Venture Consulting, LLP.

At IntegraBooks, we give utmost respect and importance in protecting the privacy of our customers. None of the data or details you share with us are shared or sold to third-parties. Your information is used only to make your experience better with us.


This statement applies to the IntegraBooks website and services offered.

Information Collection

  • When you sign up with IntegraBooks, we ask you for information like name, address, email, telephone number, etc. such as help verify identity and use it for processing payments. This information is used to create or maintain your IntegraBooks account information.
  • When you register, we collect your e-mail address in order to share communication and maintain the status of your work with us.
  • When you visit our websites we may collect information about the pages you view, the links you select or actions you take using the standard information that your browser sends to each website you visit such as IP address, browser type, and the previously visited web page.

Information Use

  • We do not sell or share your personal or business information to anyone.
  • IntegraBooks uses your personal information to maintain your account with us and for delivering our services and processing payments accurately.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Please note that this Privacy Policy may change from time to time. Any significant change to the Privacy Policy will be notified to all customers.