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Choosing the right legal entity from Pvt. Ltd to Partnership to even a One Person Company. With the Incorporation Package, our professional advisors will guide you in making these decisions.


Our Incorporation Package Includes

Private Limited

  • Director’s Identification Number
  • Name approval
  • PAN application
  • TAN application
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Filing of incorporation forms with ROC


  • Designated Partner’s Identification Numbers
  • Drafting LLP Agreement
  • PAN application
  • TAN application

Partnership Firm

  • Drafting Partnership Agreement
  • Filing with Registrar of Firms
  • PAN application
  • TAN application

Section 8 Company

  • Director’s Identification Numbers
  • Name Approval
  • PAN application
  • TAN application
  • Filing with Registrar of Companies
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right legal entity for my business?

Our experts will advise you on the right entity depending on your business requirements.

What are the documents required?

Our experts will guide you through the documents required. A sample of documents needed is ID proof, address proof, passport size photos, etc. The list mentioned is not exhaustive. We’ll advise you on the documents needed as per the chosen entity.

How do I get my digital signature?

In order to incorporate any entity with the Registrar of Companies, you need to have a digital signature. We shall guide you through the process of getting a DSC.

How long does it take to register a Pvt. Ltd. company?

Integra Books uses the fast track route of incorporation using SPICE form of the ROC. A time period of 10 days from getting the digital signature to the certificate of incorporation would be reasonable.

Will I get advise on post incorporation compliances?

Yes. You can opt for our accounting & compliance packages to stay on top of compliances.


We provide expert accounting and bookkeeping services. Check out our accounting packages.  

IntegraBooks Accounting

What’s Included: 

  • Preparation of Books of Accounts
  • Payroll Services:
    • Salary structuring
    • Monthly payroll generation
    • Monthly professional tax compliance
    • Monthly Employee State Insurance Compliance
    • Annual return filing for PF, ESI, PT
  • Statutory Compliance/Return Filing
    • Value Added Tax – monthly payment and compliance
    • GST – monthly payment and filing
    • Quarterly eTDS returns
    • Advance tax planning and payments
  • Income tax returns filing
  • Annual ROC returns filing
  • Statutory and Tax audit assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered under the accounting package?

We have designed this package to cover not just accounting, but a host of compliances related to income tax, service tax, ROC, etc.
This comprehensive package gives you access to the best accounting package and a dedicated account manager helping you manage your business with ease.

What are the specifics of the payroll services?

As stated above we handle not just payroll generation but manage the entire payroll process starting from designing payroll structure to salary payouts. A total of 10 payslips are covered under this package. Payroll processing charges apply after 10 employees.
Moreover, we handle all compliance related to payroll viz. PF, ESI, TDS, etc.

What are the documents required?

The documents required vary from case to case. Our experts will guide you on the documentation.

What is excluded in the package?

Event based compliances e.g. adding/deleting directors, private placements, etc. are excluded.
The above examples are some among many. These compliances depend on a case to case basis.

What if I already have an accounting software?

Our experts are trained to use various accounting packages. Our only requirement is that the software should support remote working.

Breakaway from spreadsheets!  Our cloud-based payroll software can help you track attendance, leave applications, reimbursements and salary increments. This is suitable for all businesses including small business payroll service seekers who need professional bookkeeping services.

payroll services

What’s Included: 

  • Salary Structuring:
    • Monthly payroll generation
    • Monthly professional tax compliance
    • Monthly Employee State Insurance Compliance
    • Monthly providend fund compliance
    • Annual return filing for PF, ESI, PT
  • Cloud-based Payroll Software with:
    • Attendance & Leaves Management
    • HR Analytics
    • Streams for Announcements
    • HR Docs & Letters
    • Reimbursements Claims, Tracking & Payments
    • Payroll
    • Performance Management

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this help my company?

Say goodbye to payroll processing on spreadsheets. We automate the payroll management completely.
Save time & effort by opting for our payroll services. Get expert advice on pay structuring and help your employees save tax.

What is covered under this package?

This package covers entire payroll management, not just payroll processing.
Moreover, we handle all compliance related to payroll viz. PF, ESI, TDS, etc.
You will get access to a powerful cloud-based payroll management solution that allows you to track leaves and attendance, process payroll, manage reimbursements, and much more.

What are the documents required?

The documents required vary from case to case. Our experts will guide you on the documentation.

Company Law Services

Every corporate entity in India needs to comply with the requirements of the Companies Act. Our Company Secretary services ensure that you meet the requirements to avoid non-compliance under the Companies Act and risk penalties.

IntegraBooks Company Secretary

What’s Included: 

  • Preparation of Minutes
    • Annual General Meeting
    • Extra Ordinary General Meeting
    • Board Meeting
  • Preparation of:
    • Register of members
    • Register of shareholders
    • Register of directors
    • Register of share transfers
    • Register of debenture holders
    • Other mandatory registers
  • Annual return filing
  • Expert advise on return filing

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I opt for this package?

Every Pvt Ltd company, LLP, One Person Company is required to comply with the requirements of the Companies Act. Non-compliance will result in levy of penalty, even imprisonment, in certain cases.
Availing our Secretarial Services will ensure that you always remain compliant.

How do I know what compliances are applicable to my company?

Our experts will guide you through the compliance involved for your entity. This ensures that you are kept abreast the requirements from the start.

What are the documents required?

We shall require audited financial statements & the audit report. Our experts shall help you in getting the documents in order.
Our experts shall prepare the forms to be filed with the ROC.

Are these the only compliances required under the Companies Act?

No, the list is only illustrative. There are several event based compliances which require filings with ROC. Event based compliances are not covered under this package.