How It Works

How It Works

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Human Expertise Backed by Powerful Technology

Integra Books gives you access to cloud-based software as well as a dedicated book keeper. Instead of reconciling your own transactions, an accountant will do it for you. This gives the business owners comfort of reaching out for advice without incurring additional costs. This makes bookkeeping more inclusive and cost-effective. The hybrid mixture of cloud-based tech combined with a human element of a bookkeeper takes away the headache of navigating tax law and entering data—while still providing a high touch high tech solution.

Human + Tech

Key Features

IntegraBooks uses the combined benefits of over 20 years of human experience coupled with the power of advanced technology products like Zoho and SumHR to make your life easier.

anywhere anytime availability
Anytime Anywhere Access

Your books of accounts & financial data can be accessed from wherever you are & from a variety of devices including smartphones & tablets.

automated banking
Automated Banking

Connect your books to your bank accounts to get real time update on your cash flow

Real-Time Expense Tracking

Track your expenses in real time to improve cost efficiency

paid faster
Get Paid Faster

Automate your invoice generation with real time receivable tracking

financial statements
One-Click Financial Statements

Stay on top of your finances with easy to generate financial statements like balance sheet, P&L, cash flow etc.

inventory tracking
Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Manage your inventory efficiently and know status real-time

MIS reports
Customized MIS Reports

Customise your financial information to suit your needs

client collaboration
Client Collaboration

Find all your client related information in one place. Make your client a collaborator