The GST council held its 39th Meeting on 14.03.2020. The Council has taken some important decisions relating to interest on delayed payments, GST returns, and rates of GST among other things. In this blog we present to you the latest GST updates, read more below:

1.Interest on delayed payment of GST

The GST department had starting sending out notices for delayed payment of GST last month. You can read more about it in our detailed blog post .The GST department had clarified that the interest will be levied on net liability of GST. The GST council has now endorsed this decision and has provided the legal backing.

2.Changes in Due Dates for Annual Returns

The due date for filing Annual GST returns (in Form GST 9 & 9C) for F.Y. 18-19 has been extended upto 30.06.2020. This earlier due date was 31.03.2020. Further, MSME’s having turnover below Rs 5 crores have been granted relaxation from filing Form GST 9C (Auditor certificate). In some good news to the tax payers, late fees for delayed filing of Forms GST & 9C has been waived for FY 207-18 and 18-19 for tax payers having turnover of less than Rs 2 crores. It is important to note that Form GST 9C need not be filed by tax payers having less than Rs 2 crores in turnover.

3.Postponement of E-Invoicing

The Govt had announced a mandatory e-invoicing procedure for tax payers having turnover of more than:

  1. Rs 100 crores for B2B transactions
  2. Rs 500 crores for B2C transactions

This feature involved uploading invoices on the GST portal with a QR code. E-invoicing was supposed to start from 01.04.2020 but now has been pushed to 01.10.2020.

4.Postponement of New Returns

Further, the new returns scheme that was to come into effect from 01.04.2020 has been pushed to start from 30.09.2020. You can read more about the new returns here. The GST 3B and GST1 will continue until 30.09.2020.

5.Know your Supplier

It is proposed to introduce a new “Know your supplier” facility within the GST portal. Further, details are awaited on how this will be made available

Final Thoughts

So these were some of the latest GST updates.The GST back end, managed by the GST Network, has been beset with problems from inception. Very often, the servers of the GST crash when the return filing load is higher. The capacity of the GSTN to handle a large number of returns is doubtful. Frequent changes in the law have also caused problems for the tax payers and GSTN as well. The GST council has set a target of July 2020 to resolve all IT problems. Let us hope all is well by the said date.

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